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Our original collaboration with Marie Daâge bring French charm to the mountains. Inspired by the grace and refinement found in historical botanical illustrations, the design of this collection highlights various delicate wildflowers from woodland settings.

In a meadow-like arrangement, petite primroses, violets, and forget-me-nots are artfully portrayed in serene blue and green tones, complemented by butterflies and insects depicted in subtle shades of grey. Each piece showcases a distinct flower infused with vibrant color and intricate detailing.

Crafted and hand-painted exclusively for xowyo in France, Marie Daâge stands out as one of the rare ateliers that still employs freehand painting reminiscent of 18th century Limoges porcelain. Here, each plate is treated as a canvas for a watercolor painting.

Every item becomes a one-of-a-kind masterpiece, marked by Marie Daâge's skilled and expressive brushstrokes. Whether mixed or matched, the Botanique collection effortlessly provides a stylish backdrop, inviting you to savor the true essence of French Joie de vivre.

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